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Maintain External ID for Customers/accounts via web service ManageCustomerIn in C4C

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we use the web service ManageCustomerIn to update our customers/accounts in C4C. We do this from our ERP system. It works well with the change-flow, but we cannot use it for the create-flow. The problem is that we miss the field <External ID> in the web service ManageCustomerIn. So my question to you all is: How can we create customers/accounts in C4C and fill the External ID. It has to be through a webserice, since the other way through PI (with IDOCS) gives other problems - and is therefore not a solution for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this 🙂

/ Jesper

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You can change the external id range of the business partner as below:

Fine-tuning > Integration of business partner data from your SAP Cloud solution to SAP ERP

Select the client replication row > Change current number

It will display the last External ID created, enter a number greater than this

Save and Close.