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Lost XCM setting after patching manually.

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Hi expetrs

I have patched my ISA manually( it is an ISA 4.0 R3 edition). There is no JSPM or something in my local envirnonment and i have so many changes in the JAVA layer.

Before patching the application name in visual admin used to be (crm.b2b_Customername ).

After the patching i deployed the new Ear. Now Visual admin is showing the application name as ( com.sapmarkets.isa.internetsales.b2b_customername.)

I am not sure how the application name has got changed it self to a longer name.More over The new application some how lost the XCM settings. When i try to access the web shop i am getting an error

" No Xcm configuration passed and there is no default XCM configuration".

I looked at the XCM admin through URL(http://localhost:port/b2b/admin/index.jsp).

I saw the previous XCM settings there.

Here are my questions

1.Some one told me i need to create a new XCM settings. But i want to know why i need to create a new settings when there is already previous settings in the XCM administrator page? More over Is it possible to fix the issue by creating the new XCM settings.

2. How can i get a small application name.

I really worried about the first question. I have already searched SDN and service market place . There are some similar issues but i am not able to understand them clearly. Some one please help me



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Hi Kumar

Please le me know

What J2EE Version do you have?

What development IDE do you have??


Sandeep Solanki

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Hi Sandeep

I am using the following

WEB AS 6.40

JDK SE v 1.4.2_12

IDE Eclipse wtp

I have applied the patch 4.0SP09 for ISA 4.0.I hope this information will help you to figure out the issue.

Thanks a lot for your response



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Hi Sandeep

I want to give you one more information. I have followed SAP notes

770970 and 594370 .

Build tool ISA_BuildTool_10.pdf page 15 says how to use build tool to apply patch manually.

The name has got changed and i think it is affecting the application to pick up the XCM.



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Hi Kumar

Did you use buildtool to build the application ?

Also try to restart the J2EE Server and then check again.

Let me clarify you my scenario


1.) J2EE 6.40

2.) WAC ISA SP11

3.) NWDS for application modification.

I was trying to build the application using buildtool after doing the modification.

But after when i tried to deploy it on J2EE 6.40 using SDM 6.40 i got the error

message <b>"Application should be deployed using SDM 6.20"</b>

I dont know how you are deploying the application on SAP J2EE 6.40 after building

it using ant buildtool coz in my case it halted .. I think buildtool actually modify the

whole application naming convention and context names..

But anyhow.. Lets go from the scratch

I first imported the project in NWDS ... did some modification .. build it using NWDS

default build process (Not buildtool) .. and then deployed it from NWDS SDM.

Make sure that you dont have any previous ISA B2B deployed on your J2EE Server..

If so then undeploy it...

I did the XCM Setting and then restarted the application .....

The application was running perfectly fine... and all the modification was reflected


I hope this would direct you in a better and efficient way of modification and extension.

<b>Allot points if this post helps !!</b>

Thanks & Regards

Sandeep Solanki

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Thanks a lot for your response.Sorry for my late reply.My project has gone live for last week so did not get time to respond to you.

Here is the details.

I have upgraded the internet sales Application . Basis guys upgraded shop admin, Trex and stuff.But i did not upgrade the SDM and visual admin. I build the application using build tool.. I was successfully able to deploy that application but the application name has got changed some how.

It used to have B2b_customer name. Visual admin has showed a different application name after patching. That name was very long some thing like sales

Because of the name change the application was not able to pick the XCM settings. I did not have any clue about the name change. The ISA developer who used to work before me had a sepate computer for Building the EAR. I actually patched the code changed by that previous developer. So i tied to build my application again in that enviornment. After building i have i deployed that EAR again. This time i have got small name.That application has picked the XCM settings.

Here is my question.

1.Even though i have resolved the issue, i don't know which file in build tool controls the application name.I am still searching for an answer . If i get it i will post it here.

I think we need continue this thread for the benefit of everyone who is using this thread.

Anyway thanks a lot for taking time to answer my question.