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Link survey to category

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Hi guys,

in a SSC scenario we use the service request with multilevel categorization.

After the request is closed, an email with a link to a survey shall be send out to the customer in which he can evaluate the service of the SSC.

Depending on the selected categorization of the request, we want to use different surveys with different questions.

Is it possible to link the surveys to the category of the service requests?

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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You can try to do this for SCC to link an object,

Confirm an account

Create Service Request

Click on u201Cservice requestu201D on the Navigation bar

Click On the Business Context

Check the business context

Check also the u201CObject typeu201D DDLB, u201CCreateu201D , u201Caddu201D buttons

If there are already objects linked to the business context then click on any of the objects

Try this out I havn't tried it for a survey, Also kindly note that This will only work for object types for which the linking is enabled in the customizing