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Lead Management: Create Lead only with contact and without "Existing Account" or "Company"


Dear Community,

We have a requirement to create Leads without an existing Account/Company, but it seems this is not possible.

While it's possible to create Opportunities using just a Contact, the Account is mandatory for Leads and cannot be unchecked in FineTuning / Leads / Involved Parties.

Additionally, there is no option in Scoping to create Leads without an existing Account/Company, unlike with Opportunities.

What can we do to address this requirement?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Leads could be created without an existing Account if the "Use Existing Account" button is not enabled.


If you see that your Use Existing Account indicator is marked as true, grayed for editing and Account Field is made mandatory, this is probably due to the scoing question "Do you want to use the existing account for lead creation?" is scoped in your tenant.

Please kindly check on it and you may refer to this KBA: 2308706 - Lead Creation using Existing Account 

Thank you!!

Best Regards,