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Lead Generation

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What are the customization steps to done for Lead SAP CRM Marketing.....

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Lead generation entails a business's activities or processes to acquire the identity and contact details of potential buyers or people interested in the product or service they offer. Potential buyers can either be the ones looking for a product or service similar to what you offer or people with similar characteristics to one of your existing customers.

If a lead is an SQL, it is passed to the sales team to initiate conversation related to products and offerings. And if the lead is not ready to initiate a conversation with a sales representative. In that case, the Marketing team shall further engage with them through email or through ads across channels to encourage customers to try the product or service offered by the brand.

Apart from helping businesses to achieve consideration from the target audience for the product or service and push them closer towards purchasing your product or service, lead generation activities also help in creating brand awareness among people who were not aware of your product or service, test product fit in the market and collect some valuable information about customers.

For the more description visit at Lead Generation: Ultimate Guide

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please explain your question properly because there is many customization related to lead.

basically lead generation is two types 1-- with reference to campaign

2--- wihout reference to campaign

in case of without reference to campaign you to don 1--- customization in transaction

2-- customize data sources

3-- create filters

4-- formed some target group

5-- customize product

6-- a status profile required

these all you have customized