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label modification

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Hi I have problems trying to modify/translate the label "Goal" to "Category" in the Business Activities

Screen 7120



I have tried the CMOD, se11 but the data element does not exist for this king of labels...any idea how to modify the label for this screen??

I have modified the data element CRMT_OBJECTIVE but it seams is not the right one



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Hi Max,

I dont know why it is not working, Did you try changing the Medium text and Short text, this should work. Here are the steps

Go to acitivty screen

Pull drop down on Goal and While u are holding Goal drop down press F1

It will take you to Technical screen

Then press the small technical button on top

it will take you to the "Display Data Dcistionary screen"

on the top menu click on Goto-> Translation

Choose the langagues

You will see a screen with heading "Worklist:List"

Expand Data Elements

You will see CRMT_OBJECTIVE--> Double click on it

Then you will see DTEL:From DE to EN: CRMT_Objective

try changing the Scrtext_l, Scrtext_m, Scrtext_S to what you wanted and

you are good to go.. this worked for me

thanks ,, post points if this works