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Kyma Subscription Eventing issue for Cx Enhancment

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Dear Experts,

We are trying to use the KYMA Functions to Extend a Sales Cloud/C4C object.

Steps done in BTP Global Account:

1. Enabled Kyma and ran a simple serverless hello world function

2. Added C4C System in Landscape.

3.Created Formation for that system.

4. Fetched the Token from the same to be used in Even notification in C4C System.

Steps done in C4C :

1. Created an Even notification on a BO Root Create and used Token derived from step 4 above.

Steps done in KYMA:

1. Once I done above steps i can see my C4C tenant as application in Kyma.

2. Created a simple Function.

3. Added a Subscription to that Function.


Error : 404 from C4C whenever the Event is getting triggered, what am i missing?

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Could you tell us more about the kyma setup?
- do you plan to use the NATS backend for eventing or the event-mesh backend?
- for nats: did you install the nats module?
- can you give us information about the status of the eventing module?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Are there any further details on the C4C side when you see 404 error?
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Hi Team After adding Application connector module i am now able to recieve messages.

However Kyma experts can we know list of recieved messages or events in KYMA

For example from C4C our endpoint is :

It shows successfull, I was able to see even my function logs but suddenly now i am not able to see my function logs and it is so difficult to identify that post this event if my function was called or not?