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Hi all,

There is a JSP that handles an ORDER processing in the CRM.

I have added simple Statement into that JSP :

<table class="docHeader">



<td>Test by XXXXXX </td>

<%-- render doctype (order, quotation ,..) --%>

And I have saved it and executed.

But I am still unable to see this Information.

Please help me out.



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Answers (2)

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Are you talking about order.jsp in the b2b folder? (Assuming you are talking about the ISA B2B webshop or maybe B2C?) I've made some quite extensive changes to this just recently for my current customer...

Maybe you could post your full code for us to look at - it helps us to put your changes into context.

One quick thing, when you say you've saved it, did you re-compile the full application using the build tool and then redeploy via SDM, or simply change the source file on your J2EE server? I've had problems with simply updating the files. Usually finding the best way to ensure I see updates is to delete the original file, clear out all internet history and try the application. You should get a Struts error when you try to display the missing page. The I add in the edited .jsp file and start again. If I've made a lot of changes across the whole application I use the build tool and deploy the app with SDM to make sure all changes are picked up.

Hope this helps.

Gareth Ryan.

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Yes . U r absolutely correct. I am dealing with the ISA B2B Webshop.

My task is to add a new Text Field in the

OrderStatusDetail.jsp .

I have added the Text in the location where I need to display. And I have never re-compiled or redeploy via SDM.

Here is the Code of OrderStatusDetail.jsp:



<%= orderheader.getShipTo().getShortAddress()%>

!!" border="0" width="16" height="16" alt="<%-- a href="frameset_product-detail.html" target="form_input"%><%= orderitem.getDescription().trim() %><%/a--%>


String url ="b2b/order/";






Can please explain me(in Steps ) on how to redeploy the application???



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Why did you not put a </tr> ?

Maybe it's the problem,