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JMS Listener - NullPointerException at DefaultSessionService.getOrBindSession(

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Hi Experts,

I'm facing the problem with jalosession within my JMS Listener. I want to create and save the model in onMessage method. The log:

         at de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.session.impl.DefaultSessionService.getOrBindSession( ~[coreserver.jar:?]
         at de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.session.impl.DefaultSessionService.getCurrentSession( ~[coreserver.jar:?]
         at de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.session.impl.DefaultSessionService.getAttribute( ~[coreserver.jar:?]
         at de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.internal.model.impl.DefaultModelService.isTransactional( ~[coreserver.jar:?]
         at ~[coreserver.jar:?]
         at my.package.listeners.MyListener.onMessage( ~[classes/:?]

Any ideas on how to make it work?

EDIT: I've used a workaround to make it work:

     this.modelService = (ModelService) Registry.getApplicationContext().getBean("modelService");

But I have to use it within onMessage method so it looks ugly and not optimal. Any better ideas would be appreciated 😉

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If the above solution not working then Read this link text . Clearing all the unwanted tenants by adding installed.tenants= in worked for me.

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Can you share the link.I am facing the same issue