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Java classes for SAP ISA 4.0

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Hi ,

Can you please provide some info regarding how to find the Standard ISA 4.0 java code,

Please help.


Devender V

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For ISA 4.0 SAP does not provide file as they are providing with ISA 5.0 so it is not easy to find Java code.

You have to unzip the Jar file to get class file. You can open jar file through winrar then extract all class or desire class in which you are interested.

Once you have class file from Jar file you can use Java decompiler like [ JD| ] or [ Cavaj| ] and open .class file through decompiler and see the code.

In ISA 4.0 you can debug only custom Java code you can't debug SAP java code as SAP was not providing now from ISA 5.0 it is providing

I was using this technique to see Standard Java class code for ISA 4.0

Other expert may know some more useful way to see Java code for ISA 4.0.

I hope this information will help you.


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thanks a lot for your valuable information. Let me try in the same way, and looking forword for ant other menthods.