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Issue when browsing backoffice "Cannot read property 'parent' of null"

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Hi everyone,

We are using hybris and we are facing issues when browsing the backoffice (specially with products). It happens from time to time, when hovering over a product image, or when trying to add new item to a collection. It forces us to refresh the browser and then it works until next time it happens. The error itself is this one, the logs don't say anything else.

Is this a known issue? How can we solve this?

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Was the backoffice application idle for so long time after server startup ? because i faced the same issue ,it was resolved by resetting the settings of backoffice. I raised the same in zkoss forum but no luck . This should be taken care by hybris support.

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This error has been fixed by a 6.2 patch release so upgrading hybris eCommerce to this version stands for one of possible workarounds.

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: Can you plz let me know the exact patch # ? I want to verify with below issue

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