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Issue in Average Handling Time

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Good Day!

Here’s the issue we've encountered with regards to the computation of the Handling Time of an User/Agent ( i.e. Agent sets the ticket to 'In Process' to 'Completion' ). The Data Source Ticket contains the Key Figures:

Total Time at Processor - Time in 'Open', 'In Process'

Total Time at Requestor - Time in 'Customer Action'

The Data Source Ticket Time Points and Contact Party contains the Key Figures:

Ticket Handling Time (Secs) - Total Duration of the Ticket

Initial Review Time(Secs) – Time Ticket is in 'Open' Status

The ideal computation for the Handling Time of the Ticket is (Ticket Handling Time – Initial Review Time – Total Time at Requestor)

So we combined the Two Data Sources and were able to create a report showing the following Key Figures mentioned

However when we tried creating a Key Figure for the Computation, we're encountering an error message because despite the fact that they are all in seconds, there are represented in a different way or different data format.

The characteristics of the key figure are different because they are from different data sources ( Initial Review Time and Ticket Handling Time have (s) unit while Total Time at Requestor and Total Time at Processor do not )

We're requesting help on how can we proceed with this as this is a critical metric for the Users/Agents. Thanks for any help any of you could give.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hallo ,

We are sailing on the same boat.

Below is my approch which i have followed for the same my aim is to show this in average handled time in Days .

I have created two intermediate key figures:

Key figure1 : Total Time at Requester(s) / 86400

Key figure2 : Ticket Handling Time(Secs) - Initial Review Time(Secs) . Unit Cnversion Days ..may be devide with 86400 and use FLOOR also.

Final Key Figure :TIME( KeyFigure2) - TIME(KeyFigure1) Unit Conversion Days

this way it works. but these time are not considering the Working times of the agents(SLA) .it include 24/7 and weekends 😞

LG, Mani

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