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ISA ERP Sales Order takes wrong sales area

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Hi experts!!

I am facing a very strange issue:

I have configured my eshop(B2B scenario, ERP edition) for 1000 10 10 sales area. So far everything was fine until some customers were extended to 1000 20 20 sales area, and now SOME sales orders for those customers that were extended are created from the eshop to 1000 20 20 sales area. I cannot find any difference between sales areas. But the second one is NOWHERE in Internet Sales Configuration.

Please Help!!!

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Hi Sudhir and thank you.

FM ERP_LORD_SET does not exist in my system...

Is this FM used in CRM scenarios??? I am working on ERP Internet Sales..

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you can check in trace files in shopadmin. you will get the list of FM which are exectuted to create the order. i am not sure which FM is triggered in ERP web shop as i have worked more on CRM web shop. but with trace you can surely find the RFC FM which triggers and you can debug.


Sudhir Grover

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Try an external breakpoint at the start of FM SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE. This is the function module used to simulate and create the orders. Look at SALES_HEADER_IN to see what the sales are is set to. If its coming in correct something is happening in the R/3 system to change it. If its coming in incorrect there is likely some customization in your java code over riding the sales area.


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Instead of using an external breakpoint, you can use "generate test data" described in Note 517767.

That is much easier than with a breakpoint...and you can use it in future for other analysis of BAPI's too.

Both ways are possible, but in my point of view its easier with test datas at the transaction SE37.

Best regards,