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Is there a data source for phone call surveys in C4C

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recently SAP have given us the ability to link surveys to phone calls in C4C however i'm struggling to find/create a data source that contains both survey info and phone call info so I can reports on this (I know there is one specifically for visit surveys).

I've tried to create a data source using survey answers & phone call data sources however there are no common fields to link them together from what I can see so it doesn't work.

is anyone aware of a data source/report that already exists or of a way I can create a data source to build reports over?

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Please check

Define your own data source: left outer join Phone call CODPCAHB and Survey Answer FNDQREVQVB

Create the join with: Phone Call and Document UUID



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Not Working !

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Hi Michael,

I've also spent hours looking for a data source to report on phone call surveys, however I could not find any. You can use the data source for surveys in visits where you can report the questions and answers for phone call surveys (matrix type answers don't seem to work), but the reference to the customer is missing so in the end it is also useless.

Please let me know if you made some progress with this topic.