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Is it possible to install IPC without CRM?

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Dear guys,

I've requirement from business department. They want to let their customers can place sales order in self-developed web application. but the product is variant configuration and customer can select product configuration step by step like in sap.I have asked help from SAP company , and their feedback is, I have installed CRM sales and IPC together. but we don't use sap CRM at all.

We just use ECC 5.0,  do anybody know how to use IPC easily for this situation? I've heard about IPC 4.0,IPC50, AP7.0... not sure which one can be used for my case..

How about the cost?

Thanks in advance.

best regards,


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Hi Toby,

IPC is ot necessarily to be used only in context of CRM. However, it must be used in context with an SAP business application such as CRM, ERP, Web Channel...

In fact, as of ECC 6.0 you may use the IPC for high level configuration such as sales orders. It runs on the VMC platform in the same way as in CRM. On project basis, you could incorporate the standard JSP UI into your custom webshop while the engine runs on the backend. Whether this is suitable for your scenario in terms of security & payload is another question. For inhouse use, the IPC does not require a separate license. If you run it for external users, please contact your account executive. I assume this would handled similarly to other scenarios with external users.

In ECC 5.0, there is no such solution. Maintenance for ECC 5.0 has ended anyway, so do you really plan to stay on that release and even extend the solution? The classic E-Commerce would probably be the best approach then.



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Hi Shen,

IPC is no longer standalone, you need to install CRM along with the same.

IPC for CRM (integrated VMC) - calls only possible via CRM RFC calls


Sumit Srivastava

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IPC is no more delivered as a stand alone java app .. (sap decision). In your case, you should have a look at ISA B2B or B2C, R/3 edition. you need IPC data loader for being able to use IPC with an ECC back end. you have WCEM for ECC edition as well, which is newer but more expensive too.