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Is it possible to import a CSV file which includes a line break with Hot-Folder?

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My problem is:

I have to import a csv file via Hot-Folder. I have some data lines which includes line breaks and the "hybris csv to impex conversion" reads this line as a seperate line, so it comes to an exception.

If I put the same data line in the hac impex import, it is no problem to import it.


UPATE Product;code;description;



;872HIK;"Description of second


So if I have some values with line breaks hybris Hot-folder imports the second line as seperate line. With impex import in hac, it works fine.

I checked the csv file which is generated by hybris while hot-folder-import. There are no apostrophes and the value is in the second line.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

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Hi Markus,

I am taring to insert the csv file in my process folder it is not pick my folder . why

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Answers (2)

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Try this:

UPDATE Product;code;description;


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CSV reader is using backslash symbol '\'for multilines, check if you are able to handle the problem by separating lines with the symbol.