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Is it possible to create a new user (not admin) from the CDC (Customer Data Cloud) portal manually?

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Hi there,
I am trying to create a user manually from the CDC (Customer Data Cloud) portal. I can easily create admin users and add privilege to the admin user. But can't seem to find an option to add a new normal user and put that user in a group that I have created.

In CIS (Cloud Identity Service) it is straight forward and easy to create a new user and assign the user in a group. But can't seem to find similar thing in CDC.
It would be much appreciated if anyone points me to the right direction.

Thanks in advance

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Hello @sghosh96us,
If you really created a Permission Group and cannot assign the person to this newly created group - it looks like a bug.
I put here the steps that you need to follow - let me know if you did all the same:

1. Navigate to Administration -> Permission Groups -> Create Group(here you need to give a name and configure Previlleges, Scope, etc..).
2. Administration -> Administrators -> Invite Administrator -> Put the email of the person and select your created group from the list.

Should work.