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Is integration of C4C with S4/HANA by 3rd party middleware possible?

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Hi Experts,
is it possible, to safely connect C4C wits S/4HANA with 3rd party middleware (e.g. Mapforce)?

Yes, SAP recommends using CPI, but it is off the table.
On C4C Help site, "Technical Connectivity Guide " and "Integration Guide for Custom Data " are broken.
All information I could find, are only about CPI based integration.

If answer is Yes, please elaborate 🙂

Best regards,

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Hello Adam,

It is possible to use other tools for connecting C4C with a back end system then CPI.

The advantage of CPI is that it offers out of the box iFlows for the objects used - like master data and transactional data. After setting up your communication system and arrangements and your code list mapping you can do the replication between environments very fast (just days 😁).

When working with an other tool defining the interfaces, might take much more time as you will built them from scratch and are therefore not very cost effective. Check all the objects and connections you need, keep any future changes in mind and calculate wisely.



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Hi, thank you for the reply. Cost effectiveness is a valid point. But also, what bothers me, is the security issue. Do you know, how we can access S4 SOAP services (i.e. for creating business partners) from C4C, when it is not accessible due to VPN connection? What is the best option from a security perspective to make it accessible from C4C? Best regards, Adam