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Is Data Backup in Cloud Portal free? What are the limits?

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For SAP Commerce hosted on Cloud Portal, is Data Backup free, or do I eventually have to pay for it?

How long do the backups last?

What are the limits? What do I have to know that are not in the documentation?

Data Backup and Restore:

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SAP Commerce Cloud is a self service product. Data Backups and Restores are a free feature, although there is a limit to the number of existing backups at any time. At the moment, that limit is 7, and once it is reached, you need to delete backups to be able to create new ones.
Backups contain a copy of the medias and of the DB. Backups take longer the more media you have. You can follow KBA 3360510  to monitor the logs and estimate how long it will take.

KBA 3308351 contains a FAQ. If you have further questions, you can create a case and SAP will address your question and possibly add it to the KBA.