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Invalid URL message on logging on to Hybris c4c

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My user is trying to log on to SAP Hybris C4C and has the right URL name in the SAP System URL but she gets the message as follows:

Invalid URL: The hostname could not be parsed.

Any suggestions on the fix?

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If the issue is occurring while logging into C4C Via Outlook , please report an incident to SAP after checking if issue is still persisting upon re-entering the login URL in correct format which is , where xxxxxx represent the Tenant url entries

1)Can you provide the logs?

For this, please navigate to the path “C:\Users\<user with which you logged into your pc>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\CollaborationWindow\logs”
Please go to Outlook Add-in, -> Go to Help -> Click on "Increase Log File" -> Reproduce the issue -> Now, click on "Show log file directory" and collect the logs and zip it and attach it to the incident.*
You can copy the folder, zip the folder and attach it to the incident.

2) Which edition/version of Office, Windows and SAP Cloud for Customer Add-in are you using?

3) In which language is your OS defined?
*Remember to uncheck the "Increase Log File" option after you reproduced the issue.

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Thank you for the response.

Incident # 1000001173 logged for the same as the issue still persists.