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Initialization issue

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Hi All

After executing the initialization, i am getting the following error when i hit the url http://localhost:9001/store

org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Error while processing internal filterchain. Exception occurred at chain position: 4 of 16. Current filter: 'en.capgemini.klarets.storefront.filters.cms.CMSSiteFilter@5763bd83'!; nested exception is de.hybris.platform.basecommerce.exceptions.BaseSiteActivationException: de.hybris.platform.cms2.exceptions.CMSItemNotFoundException: Catalog [CatalogModel (8796093219416)] is not part of current site [klarets] de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.web.AbstractPlatformFilterChain$InternalFilterChain.doFilter(

I am using hybris-commerce-suite-

Well the solution is, i need to map the productCatalog to the store inside hmc but why is it not getting mapped via impex file. There is no error when i run the hybris initialization.

Am i missing something here....


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Hi All, I had same issue and figured out that the impex are not loaded at all. The "CreateProjectData" method in should be modified as shown below.

public void createProjectData(final SystemSetupContext context) {

//Add import data for each site you have configured

  final List<ImportData> importData = new ArrayList<ImportData>();

  final ImportData sampleImportData = new ImportData();

  getCoreDataImportService().execute(this, context, importData);
  getEventService().publishEvent(new CoreDataImportedEvent(context, importData));

  getSampleDataImportService().execute(this, context, importData);
  getEventService().publishEvent(new SampleDataImportedEvent(context, importData));


Please note that MYSTORE is the same value that you had mentioned in .impex for the $storePrefix.

Thanks, Srujana.

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Is this issue is resolved ? I am facing similar issue, would appreciate for solution.


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Hi Makarand ,

Did you get any solution for this, I am facing the same issue.

Regards, Manish

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Thanks Marko, let me check it out.

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Could it be that this impex is not executed at all? not correctly setup in SystemSetup? If you instead execute this impex in HAC , does it then set it up correctly?

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Hi Marko

This is the content of site.impex


$productCatalog=$storePrefixProductCatalog $contentCatalog=$storePrefixContentCatalog $contentCV=catalogVersion(CatalogVersion.catalog([default=$contentCatalog]),CatalogVersion.version[default=Staged])[default=$contentCatalog:Staged] $defaultLanguage=en $storeUid=$storePrefix $siteUid=$storePrefix $webServiceSiteUid=$siteUidWS

CMS Site

NSERT_UPDATE CMSSite;uid[unique=true];theme(code);channel(code);stores(uid);contentCatalogs(id);defaultCatalog(id);defaultLanguage(isoCode);urlPatterns;active;previewURL;startingPage(uid,$contentCV);urlEncodingAttributes;defaultPromotionGroup(Identifier)[default=$storePrefixPromoGrp] ;$siteUid;blue;B2C;$storeUid;$contentCatalog;$productCatalog;$defaultLanguage;(?i)^https?://[^/]+(/[^?])?\?(.\&)?(site=$siteUid)(|\&.)$,(?i)^https?://$siteUid.[^/]+(|/.|\?.)$,(?i)^https?://[\d]+)?/rest/.$,(?i)^https?://localhost(:[\d]+)?/rest/.*$;true;$storefrontContextRoot/?site=$siteUid;homepage;storefront,language

i checked with apparels and electronics site.impex files and they both look similar. I reran the Initialization but the productCatalog did not map to the base store.

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Search for a file called site.impex There you might find what you are looking for. Otherwise you can try to find any impex containing something like this: INSERT_UPDATE CMSSite

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Thanks Marko.

That's exactly what i am looking out for, which is the impex file that has the store and product catalog mapping. If i can get that info, i can dig the issue further.

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Could it be that the impex is not fully correct and it can not find the store where to import the catalogs? Because i assume this is the way you do it. How does you impex look like?