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Initial Load not Successful

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Hi Experts,

    I am trying to do the Initial Load for Business Partners from ECC to CRM.But after the Initial Load,it is showing the error 'No Processes:See note 429423'

All the Middleware settings are done properly.

In CRM,In SMQR,we have registered the queue as CSA* and R3*.Is there any difference between R3* and R3A*??Should we have to make it as R3A*??

Also,No outbound Queue is getting generated in ECC in SMQ1...What could be the reason for this being not getting generated...

Kindly reply ASAP as this is a big showstopper...



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Hi Punnet,

We generally say to deregister R3A*, because hihs is the longest sequence of characters covering all such queues, but R3* will also work. This won't affect your problem, though.

One possiblity is that you have the problem descirbed in note 757212. If not, then it's probably a general issue with available WPs. Please check SM51/SM66 and also check for available RFC WPs in SMQR -> Goto QRFC Resources. If you don't have enough dialog work processes, this should be checked with basis admin. Also, notes 527481 and 74141 might be helpful.

Of course, this is all speculation - if none of the above suggestions help, I would probably need to check the system. This could be done via OSS (you can request that I work on the message if you want.)

I hope this helps.


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Hello Kumar,

Please check table SMOFRSTAT if there are request in status wait, if that's the case, as per note 757212, delete them and then run the initial load again.



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Hi pUneet,

If you believe you have enough work processes available in RZ12(for RFC processing) you may want to check the parameter MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESSES.


Try doing these steps :

1. Abort all the waiting loads in R3AM1.

2. Set the value of parname MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESSES in table SMOFPARSFA to 10.

3. Try running an initial load again

You may also review note 757212 for info on MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESSES.