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Initial download of BUAG_MAIN succesful, but no BA created in CRM

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Although the initial download of BUAG_MAIN has ran successfully, no Business Agreement is created in CRM.

I want to create business agreements for business partners by means of

an initial download of contract accounts from IS-U, but the business

agreements are not being created/displayed (Transaction BP) in CRM. And also the table CRMM_BUAG is still empty after the initial download.


- The customization has been carried out according to the 'Set-Up and Load

Guide for Business Agreements and Contract Accounts'.

- IS-U: Transaction CAA1. A contract account has been created for BP

in IS-U.

- An initial Load has been carried out successfully. (Green bdocs)

- CRM: Transaction BP. Display BP

=>No Business Agreements have been created in CRM for BP.

Hope to hear from someone as soon as possible. Thanks

Kind Regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi Saima.

Can you please tell me how you solved this? We are experiencing exactly the same problem, no dumps, no errors, correct range numbers, but no BA created.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Saima,

Please check the number range settings, else please check ST22 for dump or SMW01 for error in downloading BDocs.

Best Regards,

Pratik Patel

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Hello Pratik,

- There are no dumps in ST22

- There are no errors in SMW01

- No. range settings are set as following:

CRM: Master Data-> Business Agreement-> Define Number Range for Business Agreement:

No. From number To number Ext.

01 000100000000 000199999999 X

02 000200000000 000299999999

ERP/IS-U: Financial Accounting (New)-> Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable-> Basic Functions->Contract Accounts->Number Ranges and Contract Account Categories

No. From number To number Ext.

01 000100000000 000199999999

02 000200000000 000299999999 X

But before inital download we have set all no. ranges to External as prescribed in the set-up and load guide for business agreements and contract accounts.

(There is just one Business Agreement Class and one contract account category)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards


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i am also facing similar problem ,,

i am not able to downlaod baug main from r3/isu ...i am getting errroe : parent not ok :bupa_main .......

and also if i pull by creating request r3ar2 ... i am able to download l specifc contract account ...can sme bdy help