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Individual customers with Gmail id as email are not receiving any email replies from c4c ticket

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Dear Experts,

After 1808 , the customers with gmail id as email address are not receing any replies from ticket .the agent replies are not going to customer from ticket reply .

do we need to re configure something to make it work for GMAIL explicitly.

please advice

LG, Mani

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Mani,

Please raise an incident with SAP Support with details of the e-mail that did not get delivered. It would help if you provide the following details while raising the incident:

1. Sender E-Mail Address

2. Recipient E-Mail Address

3. E-Mail Subject and Ticket ID

4. Timestamp of when the mail was sent

5. If you have received any bounce emails from MAILER-DAEMON after trying to send these mails to Gmail ID

Probably the mails are getting rejected in the SPAM filter on the Gmail server. This first needs to be confirmed by SAP Support.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,


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thanks nishanth for the information..I will create an incident to SAP..but do you think there is some settings which we have with respected to email domains in c4c ?? why its only for we have some place where we can check the emal delivery like in on premise SCOT and SMTP transctions in C4C ..Or we can do nothing in c4c other than writing an incident to SAP here.

thanks again for your inputs.

LG, Mani

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Hey Mani,

I am not sure weather this fits your query but i think we have Email and Fax queue in c4c.

Also about domain setting for Gmail , i dont think so we need to do any setting since SMTP server is not with us. However I think its an issue after 1808(Can you please confirm this) since we also have opened incident that there are many mails which are not being recived. SAP came back saying the reciever should have setting and need to add some IP Addresses as their white list which I dont think so makes sense for gmail may be.

Anyways this is my observations affter 1808 , hopefully your issues gets resolved.

Nice day.


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Hey Dhruvin,

thanks for your reply..

I have raised an incident to SAP. Yes we have been facing this issue from 1808 onwards.

Yes , you are right we can not do anything here in c4c with the kind of scope we have.We have only configure the outgoing(Sender) email domains.

I will let you know incase if i get something logical explanation 🙂


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hello Mani,

How is it going now with this problem? For our tests, gmail accounts receive the answers but it's really long (at least 10 minutes after sending).


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Dear Santhosh,

thanks for your reply..but what i asked is something different . there is an issue only with individual customers with gmail address as email.

agent replies to these customers are not sending from C4C !!!

LG, Mani

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Hi Mani,

1.Please ensure if, your Scoping Question for Individual Customer checked.

Expand the element Service and under Customer Care, click on Service Request

Management and select the highlighted scoping questions:

Question 1. Do you want to support e-mail channels for corporate accounts?

Question 2. Do you want to maintain service requests (tickets) automatically created

from incoming e-mails?

Question 3. Do you want to support e-mail channels for individual customers?

2. Ensure if, new channel is created for B2C scenarios also (Individual customers): Administrator→ Service and Social→ Communication Channels→ E-mail Addresses. Under E-mail Addresses, click on new to create new channels.

b) Create two new channels: one each for B2B and B2C scenarios. Maintain the details as

E-mail address:

Channel ID: B2C

Channel Name: B2C_Email

Channel Direction: Inbound and Outbound

Channel Type: Customer Service – Business to consumer (B2C)

Ticket Type: Service request