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In WEB UI I require to trigger an event on slection of date from a date field.

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Hi Friends,

I have a requiirment, in which i require to trigger an event on selection of date from a date field.

when i click on the date field, a calender is opened from which  I am selecting date. I created an event in the events section of the component workbench. fp_onclick and fp_on_server_event  i have tried these two but the event doesnot trigger on them.

Please Sujest me some soloution or alternative to solve the issue. It is a bit urgent.

Kind regards,

Muhammad Ashraf.

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Answers (2)

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check the last answer in this thread. it will help as starting point.

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Thanks for ur suppor, but this link is to trigger Round Trip and not the Event. I require to trigger the event on date picklist.

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Hi Muhammad,

Once the roundtrip is triggered, just debug the DO_HANDLE_EVENT of the corresponding view controller and see the event name. Then from there, you can call the corresponding method to handle this event.

Thanks & Best Regards,


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Hello Leon , 

  Even though the eventing code is written in the GET_P method of that attribute , it is not doing a CASE on this ON_FPSERVER event.

Does the type of the Field matter when doing server event ?? As it is showing Calender then its type will be DATS.

DO_HANDLE_EVENT is itself not getting called.

Thanks and Regards,

Nikhil Kulkarni

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After Selecting date what kind of event u want to trigger???

Thanks & Regards

Nikhil H