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In Segmentation Basis, how to find if it contains a particular BP or not?

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Scenario: - I have created a Segmentation Model by choosing below values from the drop down list:-

Segmentation Object = Business Partners or Relationships

Usage = (have choosen one from the list related to a particular sales area)

Segmentation Basis = (have choosen one from the list which is related to Contacts)

Initially there were approximately 2,500,000 BPs but after the creation of segmentation model only 9,500 Contacts remained as these are filtered based on the values I had selected from the drop down list.

Question :- I have a Contact ID belonging to the sales area (belonging to same sales area used in the Usage field as told above) and I want to verify if this Contact ID is part of the list of 9500 Contacts. How to verify it before start working on the Segmentation Model for creating a target group?

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Hello, Kumar,

Try this way,

1. Check the account number for the segmentation basis

2. Put the account in ACT_ACCOUNT area in table CRMD_MKTTG_TG_H. Actually here you could

choose many field to identify it, but looks like the account number is the most effective way.

3. Then catch the GUID for related segmentation basis. The TG_TYPE should be one of above types.

4. Get the BP GUID from table BUT000.

5. Put the segmentation basis GUID and the BP GUID in table CRMD_MKTTG_TG_I to check whether the BP exists in this segmentation basis.

Thanks and best regards,