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Importing user with password from hybris 5.5 to 6.3

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Currently i i have hybris 5.5 , i want to export user data here is my script = #% impex.setTargetFile( "User.csv", true); insert_update User; pk[unique=true]; uid[unique=true]; addresses(pk); sessionLanguage(isocode); description; hmcLoginDisabled; loginDisabled; name; password; passwordAnswer; passwordQuestion; sessionCurrency(isocode); #% impex.exportItems( "User" , false );

What modification i have to do to export the user data to hybris 6.3

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The above script doesn't seem to yield anything. Which script is the correct one. Please help me out. I have also replaced password header with @password[translator=de.hybris.platform.impex.jalo.translators.UserPasswordTranslator].

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