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Impex mode


Does the exists some mode ( [mode=append] ) which allow to insert item at the beginning of the list ?
Not recreate it and insert everything from scratch, since we don't know what changes already exists in test(prod) environments.

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Hi roman_lototskyi

Yes [mode=append] exist in SAP Commerce to add specific value mentioned in row to existing values. So if attribute may contain more than values. you can use this mode and new value will be added to existing values.

See sample example:

INSERT_UPDATE Employee;uid[unique=true];name;groups(uid)[mode=append];
;RegistrationApprover;Registration Approver;testUserGroup;

So to RegistrationApprover new group will be added into existing groups.

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The question was about adding items at the beginning of the list. Is there a "prepend" mode?