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Impex Export API

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Experts Team,

Could you help me to understand on impex export concept a bit better here.

Referring -

Usually when impex export is executed as below,

"#% impex.setTargetFile( ""export.csv"" );"
  "#%impex.exportItemsFlexibleSearch(""select {pk} from {Employee} "");"

we get the results in format. Is there a way to fetch/get the export.csv file directly instead of .zip file, like any configuration changes that can help to change the export mode to CSV instead of ZIP from code?

I understand that we need to take care with the insert_update header on changing the query in impex.exportItemsFlexibleSearch, when it involves multiple joins. How do we handle the header, when the query contains CASE WHEN condition, and we need to use this for impex import

  "#%impex.exportItemsFlexibleSearch(""select {pk}, (CASE WHEN ...END)as conditionStmtValue from {Order} "");"

In the above example, I would like the conditionStmtValue to be part of header, and get the value to be populated to this field on exporting. Any inputs here on how this can be achieved?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Backoffice provides the option to export as zip or csv. Dint find any configuration changes apart from this on this topic.

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