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Image is not showing in Interaction Center in CRM/SSF and Formatting is losing in SOIN transaction

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Hi Experts,

When I send an email to SAP, I can see image and formatting in outlook:


When I open SOIN transaction I can see the image, but formatting was lost:



and when I open SSF and check Interaction Center I can see the formatting, but I cannot see the image:



Could you help me, please?

I tried these and doesn't work:


3236904 IC : Image in standard response is lost after preview
3248901 IC: Javascript issues in the email component
3238610 Interaction Center: Filename description with special characters cause session error
3329061 Images not displayed when replying or forwarding emails in the email editor
3021392 Buttons "Apply", "Preview" and "Add to favorites" greyed out in Standard Response
3364304 Runtime error CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR during attempt to send an e-mail
3351913 Style of inbound e-mail not considered in reply
3353101 CRM-IC: Default language for favorites standards responses base on customer preferences
3353757 Inbound e-mail not immediately displayed as completed after reply
3321690 Upgrade of jQuery version 3.6.3 in WEBCUIF Framework - Adding debugging capability
3311839 Upgrade of jQuery version 3.6.3 in WEBCUIF Framework
3377069 Add custom parameter support in CL_THTMLB_UTIL
3388974 TinyMCE: Enhanced support for multiple TinyMCE versions
3374505 TinyMCE: Newly added text shows bigger line spacing
3355642 TinyMCE: Editor text lost when saving the web page
3386313 TinyMCE: Customization support enhancement based on note 3374505
3322293 CRM-IC: jQuery version 3.6.3

Define E-Mail Profiles

Path in SPRO transaction: Service -> Interaction Center WebClient -> Basic Functions -> Communication Channels -> Define E-Mail Profiles



And I can see it in console google chrome:


Thanks a lot for your attentions 🙂  






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And I can see it in console in google chrome:
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And I can see it in console google chrome: