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Hyperlink in Smartform triggered as an attachment to Email via Actions

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Prior to posting my question I would like to mention that I have gone through all the hyperlink-smartform related threads in the forum and could accomplish 90% of my requirement with its help.

Now coming to the issue I am facing,

I have used a Callback URL FM where I am creating a dynamic URL (Dynamic Part is the GUID of CRM Lead), this URL runs into almost 220 Characters.

1) In my first approach, I was updating this URL to structure DATA[] in the callback Fm directly, but I noticed it was resulting into a dump in the FM- SSFCOMP_CONVERT_OTF_C2X called at the time of Smartform Close (SSF_CLOSE) as there is a limit of I think 2-digit length of URL.

2) Since I could not have truncated my URL(http://www.<domain>:8000/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_start/default.htm?crm-object-type=BT108_LEA&crm-objec...) any further, I tried splitting the URL and appending them in DATA[] structure with the Code Type as 'LK' indicating Link.

With this approach, I was able to get the intended URL masked under my hyperlink in the final Smartform output which has been emailed to a recipient.

But when I clicked on the Link I noticed there were blank characters %20%20%20%20 embedded in the URL after each line of DATA[] due to this my URL was not directing me to the CRM Webui Page.

I tried condense no-gaps approach but the result remains the same.

If you have any ideas/suggestions on how the %20 Character can be removed from the URL before the output is rendered,

kindly suggest.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The issue is resolved.

I missed on updating the field-LINE in STXCTOKEN with serial number starting from 1 and the length limit on each line of URL has been set at 43C instead of 42.



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