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Hybris Marketing Twitter ID

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I have noticed from standard Odata examples that SAP expects that it will be plausible to hold a Twitter ID against the contact. What is the actual use case for this? Social listening uses queries against key words rather than Account IDs.

The only thing I can think of for this is to link Tweets to a known contact so that you can analyse tweets from known individuals rather than a stack of unknown. So the next question is around the contact creation process on tweets. I understand from existing demos that tweets absorbed through social listening will create a contact if the report CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_DELT is run. Is there anyway of preventing new unknown contacts from being created when the twitter Id doesn't match an existing contact but still have access to the data in Social Sentiment app? I'm conscious that it will take up the limit on contacts that we hold licenses for.

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Well Mike,

To prevent system from creating anonymous contacts from social postings is to set IC_UPDATE_MODE to "N" (No update) - of course if you're using ABAP program to harvest social postings (On-Prem)

If you're using OData services, unfortunately it's hardcoded as "C" which means the system evetually creates a new contact if it cannot find any existing interaction contact.

We once opened up a support ticket to SAP about IC_UPDATE_MODE of OData service and hoped to get some insight how we can handle IC_UPDATE_MODE for upcoming interactions with OData service. I copied the answer from SAP below. I think you can make use of BAdI below if you don't want new interaction contacts to be created with this way

I do think it brings many benefits if social media postings are succesfully linked to existing customers with rich communication details. Bear in mind that you can use post ids on right side of sentiment engagement. And one of standart post ids is to create a target group from selected posts in posts panel. It's really awesome to create a target group from social posts and execute a campaign.

"Dear Customer,

When loading data via OData we use IC Update Mode C. This means we call the contact determination with update mode N first, but if the customer does not exist yet we call again with D (Delta). This leads to the creation of a contact (that's why it is called C). If you want to set the update mode always to N (because you don't want to create a contact) you can use BAdI CUAN_CE_IA_UPLOAD. Please do not use the checks included in the example if you do not really did them, because they slow down the import.

Best regards,

Rolf Schumann"