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Hybris Marketing cloud - Hybris Commerce Integration

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Hi Experts,

I want to configure hybris marketing to commerce for product recommendations and trigger based campaign . I am bit confused regarding the middle ware ,that will be used for same.

To bring Master data from commerce to marketing Data hub is recommended ,as per help.hybris.

What should be the middle ware to bring events like checkout successful,click through and all.Its not mentioned any where.

What should be the ideal middle ware to support all the requirements .

komur.akil your expert advice is also needed .

Thanks in advance.


Rashmi Ranjan

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rashmi,

indeed, according to the official documention of hybris commerce it is forseen to use data hub and the related integration content, as it is also described in the hybris marketing online documentation.

In addition I would like to recommend you to have a look at the new type of integration by means of express way which omits data hub, uses the latest and greatest APIs of Hybris Marketing and can be used with HCI as additional optional component. For more details please refer to the following blog.

Kind regards,
Josef Ehbaier
Hybris Marketing

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