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Hybris Dynamic Personalized Orders

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Hi All

This is the use-case I am exploring.

Hybris is used as Product Catalogue and Order Management.
Adobe is used for Marketing & Campaign Management and personalized offer creation.
Salesforce is used as CRM for Customer Service.
Dynamic Pricing is performed by another component.

I need to integrate all of these to create the Order to Delivery process with personalized offers:

* Products are defined in Hybris Product Catalogue.

* Batch Customer Profiles are uploaded into Adobe for Campaign Management and Salesforce CRM (for call center)

* Personalized offers are created on the fly through API orchestration - personalized offer is created based on rules from Adobe campaign management system based on channel, and dynamically priced.

* Customer submits the order into Hybris Order Management & Fulfillment process through API's exposed. The order is captured with Salesforce CRM and related Order Fulfillment process runs.

Does this all makes sense? Do you have concerns with this approach or other best practices you have faced earlier on similar implementations please?



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