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HOWTO: Outlook plugin - Unable to Add contacts - Button grayed out

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Hi All

Just came across Lisa's original post concerning the difficulty that she and many others it seems have experienced in creating and synchronising Contacts from Outlook to the relevant accounts in their C4C system.

If anyone is still struggling with this then please read the detailed but very simple solution below.

1.   As mentioned earlier please uninstall your version of the microsoft outlook add-in and remove and delete the "SAP Cloud For Customer" folder that is in your mailbox. Now close microsoft outlook.

2.  Please download the latest version of the "Add-In For Microsoft Outlook" from your SAP C4C tenant, which at this moment in time is release 142.0.2568.519. Install this new Add-In and now open up microsoft outlook.

You will see that a SAP Cloud for customer specific menu now resides in your outlook toolbar together with a "SAP Cloud For Customer" folder in your mailbox.

3.  From this SAP Cloud menu in your outlook toolbar please log into your C4C Tenant, you will be prompted to provide your login credentials.

4.  Select "Contacts" and then select the SAP Cloud for Customer subfolder : " SAP Cloud for Customer Contacts ".

      *** DO NOT select option SAP Cloud for Customer Accounts *** - you will not be able to create a contact in your C4C solution using this option.


5.  From your toolbar select "New Contact" and maintain your contact information in the new window that now opens.

6.  Now select "Add Contact" from the toolbar. Please note that had you tried creating a contact via "SAP Cloud for Customer Accounts" then this      "Add Contact" button would have been greyed out. This may well explain where fellow SCN users have been going wrong.


7.  In the new window that appears,  click on  "Add Reference"  and select "Account''.

8.  Search for the account for which you are creating your new contact.

     NOTE: For business users, they should be assigned as the Account Owners for the accounts in the C4C system for which they are creating new    contacts.

9.   Click on Add Reference button

10. Click on Submit button

11.  Your new contact will now replicate via. synchronisation to the account in your SAP Cloud for customer tenant solution.

To confirm a successful replication to your Cloud solution, login into your tenant, go to your account and you will see in the "Contacts" tab that your newly created contact now appears in your contacts list.

Hope this helps.



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Majid Ahmed! Very informative solution. Short and precise. As a matter of fact, I came across the same problem and resolved by exactly the same steps that Majid Ahmed provided.

Great Work. Thanks for sharing your experience with all.

Imran Ali