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How will Marketing Cloud deal with iOS 15 update?

Dear SAP Marketing Cloud experts,

a few weeks ago Apple released the iOS 15 update. Here is a report about this: Impact after iOS 15

Within this update users do have many more possibilities of data privacy settings. Some sources are writing about the death of classic E-Mails. How can Marketing Cloud customers deal with customers which are using the iOS 15 on their devices?

In segmentation currently it´s only possilble to segment the device type and not by operating systems of different devices e.g.? Is there a new functionality planned or something additional to deal with iOS 15 users (recepients)?

I´ve looked for additional informations but havn´t found anything.

Did you allready deal with that problem? If yes, how?

Thanks in advance,



Hi lukaswissing

Unfortunately I have little in the way to offer as help as we too are trying to confront the same issue. However, we have found Litmus' resources are useful (

The Engagement Score is a concern for us, as this will become inflated which then has consequence for our other marketing activities within SMC.



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Yeah, we also trying to find a solution, cause almost all users are upgrading their iOs

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Hi, I can't access that link, can you check please?
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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Joyca, CX Works Articles are not available anymore. Let me check for other info please. Kind regards, Silvia