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How to take SAP CDC Data Backup

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Hi Team,

Recently I got to know, SAP is not responsible for the Data in-case Of any data loss due to any circumstance. Hence As business needs to keep data backup.

Can anyone help me to know how to take CDC Data backup



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Hello @Eldhos,
This is a great concern and I've worked on "SAP CDC Data and Site Configuration Backup Strategy"You can run a dataflow for each of the data centres (if not using global) at the parent-site level to export entire data to your secure blob-storage or import to your DataLake or any Master Data system. 

Additionally, you can use the API to also export the configurations of sites.

Also, your admin can request SAP below reports through SAP Trust Center first:

I hope this answers your query.

Best Regards,
Kunal Bansal | SAP CX Solution Architect 

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Also check out the SAP CDC Toolkit at Github as it's a great start to build your own backup routines: