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How to Show survey to external Customers

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We are designing a Self Serve portal for customers. We want customers to complete certain surveys from time to time and these

surveys have to be posted to CRM & BI after completion from Customer.

We need to show this Survey as a Link in our portal. Please suggest me ways to do it & How do I make any Survey (designed in CRM_SURVEY_SUITE) available for Customers outside the Intranet, i.e. they can complete the survey using the link through internet. Emails with survey link attached are not to be implemented in our scenario.

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Edited by: Rajesh.Balakumar on Apr 13, 2010 3:07 AM

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Hi Rajesh,

If you are not using the e-mail scenario, I think you have to do a lot of work to meet this requirement.

1.) Why it is important to have e-mail scenario.

E-mails will give you personalization. You can get the information from each individual (BP). It is possible to find out who filled

the survey. Updating the information against the BP is possible.

2.) What is the complexity if you do not have e-mail:

You should come up with a logic on how to find out each BP or user. Since it is internet, you can ask them to create an user id

in your portal. But, you need to use the user information (pass the user information in the URL) which can be read by survey

PAI. Actual survey answers are never a problem. The complexity lies in identifying the person. If you can give this information

to the survey PAI, you can achieve what you are expecting.

Hope this helps or atleast clarifies the survey behavior.

BR, Sathish R

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Hi Satish,

Thanks a lot for your response... I have also found a blog yesterday on this. Using your reply and the blog let me try to enable this scenario. We are using CRM Webchannel scenario through portal and in our scenario the user will be logged in to do the survey.

We need to see how we can attach the BP number to the survey. Maybe it is automatic or we have to do some extra enhancement to enable this.

I have one other question, what has to be added to the URL to pass this BP information.