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How to setup common distribution channel

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We are installing CRM AIO with a client that has ERP. The use of common distribution channel is in ERP where the customer and materials are setup with a common distribution channel and the documents use a specific distribution channel alon with pricing. CRM does not seem to reconize this application and I can not find a setting for this. When trying to use materials in the Opportunity the message that the product is not scheduled in that organization/dist channel is displayed. We can only use the common to get materials in the Opportunity.

If anyone has experiance with this or the answer i would appreciate the feed back.


Phillip Baker

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You need to configure the distribution channel under

SPRO->Customer Relationship Management ->Master Data -> Organizational Management -> Organizational data for Sales Scenario



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Yes I understand that this needs to be setup but there is no place which to distinguish a common distribution channel. There is a place to define the Dist Channel, and set combinations of Dist Chnl and division but nothing to say you can use a distribution channel as a reference. I am refering to the setup in ERP under SPR > Sales and Distribution > Master Data > Define Common Distribution Channels.

I'm not sure if I'm missing somthing or if it does not exist - if not this would require all materials to be setup in every distribution channel.

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I have solved the issue from the following message from OSS:

To transfer common distr. ch and divisions from R/3 to CRM-Online

you need to start transaction CRMD_DOWNLOAD_OM and execute report

with option sales area bundling.

With this report bundling sales area will be copied to table SMOTVKOS

and SMOTVKOV and then you will be able to define your master data

only in the ref sales area.