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How to populate Satisfaction Survey Score in the lead?

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Hi Team,

I have following requirement in my project:

When a lead is created for a person ( account is not existing in C4C just the name and email id is there) , an email is sent to that person with the survey link. when the survey is filled and submitted then we have to change the qualification level on the lead depending on the survey score. But the survey score is not automatically populated in this case.

Kindly help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shikha,

In the Lead Scores view of the Sales Campaign work center you can configure engagement scores for the corresponding consumer behavior patterns, and define follow-up actions accordingly, to ensure that sales/marketing teams focus on the most promising leads. For example, if an engagement score exceeds 70, then a lead qualification level of Hot can be defined by marketing operations users.

Kindly refer below link for detail explanation:

User Guide - Page number 65 - 70

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