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How to populate custom field in BP table from ECC

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Hi CRM experts

We need to populate custom fields in CRM BP table from ECC customer master. Please guide.

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You can do this by implementing the BADI CRM_DATAEXCHG_BADI. Methid CRM_DATAEXCH_R3D_MBDOC_FILL.This Method will be called when data from R/3 comes to CRM.

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Thanks for reply. Actually I am looking for the replication program, Is there any to populate BP table.


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Hi there,

If your custom fields were built with EEWB, you must built a new function module and configure it on table CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU for primary key combination CRMIN|BUPA|<last position>. This table determines which function modules are called in BP middleware.

The new function module should have the same parameters and logic than, for example, FM CRM_BUPA_BDOC_MAP_MAIN. The most important here, is changing parameter C_BP_STRUCT, where you should be able to see and manipulate your BP custom fields.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for reply.

I have done all the steps that you have mentioned however where would I write mapping logic to pick data from ECC.

Suppose, I need to pick shipment point from ECC, so I have business partner number in CRM and using above points I can create FM to update BP in CRM but how to pick data in ECC. I hope you have understand my problem.


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1) You can create RFC FM in R/3 and call it in CRM. But before doing this Pls check wethere the data required by you is avaialbe in the incoming structures.

2) You can poulate the data in BAPIMTCS stricture in R/3 for a dummy field.You can move the same into the required field in the FM build by you. You can do this by aviating the event CRM0_200