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How to order navigation nodes via impex?

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Adding value to ParentPOS attribute under CMSNavigationNode solved ordering issue of Navigation nodes.

ParentPOS holds an integer value, lower the value, the navigation nodes gets ordered in Ascending fashion based on the numbering provided for each of the navigation node.

Sharing an example here,

INSERT_UPDATE CMSNavigationNode;uid[unique=true];$contentCV[unique=true];name;parent(uid, $contentCV);links(&linkRef);&nodeRef;parentPOS

;SAPCommerceNavNode;;SAP Commerce Cloud Pages;FooterNavNode;;SAPCommerceNavNode;1

;SAPCustomerExperienceNavNode;;SAP Customer Experience Pages;FooterNavNode;;SAPCustomerExperienceNavNode;2

;FollowUsNavNode;;Follow Us Pages;FooterNavNode;;FollowUsNavNode;3


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You have to add all the navigation nodes in the order you like in impex as comma separated. Below e.g will put EquipmentRepair link first. You will also need to give [mode=replace] so that it does not create duplicate nodes/links


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 INSERT_UPDATE CMSLinksForNavNodes;source(cmslinkcomponent.uid,$contentcatalogVersion)[unique=true];target(CMSNavigationNode.uid,$contentcatalogVersion);reverseSequenceNumber

reverseSequenceNumber is the key to ordering, I believe.

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Share with us how did you find the solution for that

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Hi Did you find any solution for this I have same requirement. I wanted to display Navigation nodes in sequential order with node position