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How to Migrate on-premise SAP marketing cloud data to any other cloud system?

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Hi Team,

We are using SAP Hybris Marketing cloud on-prem and we want to migrate all the data & permission present in the system to some other cloud product.

Can anyone suggest what is the easy way to do it?

We were thinking of writing a program in backend (ABAP) and then extract the data in files. But there is millions of data present so this should be the last option if we are not able to find any easy solution.

Any lead would be helpful.

Thank you!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Shivani,

the easiest way to extract the data from SAP Marketing On-Premise is via the export definitions (via target group/campaign). Probably you have more data and even more complicated (n:m relations) that you want to extract (e.g. permissions). 

Then it's in most cases easier if you can use SQL (TR: DBACOCKPIT) or write your own report.
If you have an huge amount of data I would create a custom report. Then you are quite flexible and you can handle the data better (building batches, background jobs, etc.). 

Of course it depends also in which format you need the data and how you will upload the data in the other application. E.g. if you need to upload the data with CSV/EXCEL then the custom report would be the best option.

Best regards,