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How to make an enum dropdown editable in backoffice when it has a specific value?

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Hi , I have an enum for status attribute and this is to be made editable for a usergroup only when it has the value "success". Also out of the 10 possible status values, only 2 should be selectable by this group. Any pointers on how it can be achieved?

I have thought about using AbstractCockpitEditorRenderer to identify the group and populate the dropdown accordingly.But how to make it editable only when specific value is set beforehand?

Any pointers will be helpful.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

Seams to me that your requirement is pretty custom and you need to introduce new editor (or extend existing one). There you should be simply able to add event listener to dropdown and react to change however you wish.

Cheers, Jacek

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