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How to load best practices data into CRM4.0 installation

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We have successfully installed CRM4.0 on a lab system and now would like to install the CRM best practice data into it.

If I refer to the CRM BP help site,

It looks like I need to install at least the following In order to run it properly.

C73: CRM Essential Information

B01: CRM Generation

C71: CRM Connectivity

B09: CRM Replication

C10: CRM Master Data

B08: CRM Cross-Topic Functions

I am not sure where to start and where to end. At the minimum level I need the CRM Sales to start with.

Do we have just one installation CDs or a number of those, Also are those available in the download area of the

Appreciate the response.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to upload some roles from your best practices cd otherwisw u will not have many transactions availabale.

In best practices CRM4.0\CRM_China\Misc,u have set of roles which u need to upload and assign it to users.

I practically uploaded the following roles and assigned them to my developers.see if it works for you also..

C10_04C C10 - CRM Master Data Configuration Role (SAP CRM)

C16_04C C16 - CRM Interaction Center Configuration Role (SAP CRM)

C16_04I 6 - CRM Interaction Center Installation Role (SAP CRM)

C22_04C C22 - CRM Campaign Management Configuration Role (SAP CRM)

C22_04I C22 - CRM Campaign Management Installation Role (SAP CRM)


Bapujee Naidu

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What I meant was when u initially login to the CRM, if you do not see any menu being listed, Type CRM_MENU in the transaction execution box on the top and you will see the complete menu.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Are you guys saying that there is no need to load( install) the CRM BEST PRACTICES data after a fresh installation of a CRM4.0 system?

In this scenarion,

1> Where will master data data come from? Are they already available on the fresh installed CRM system? For example the system don't even have data in T001( COMPANY CODE) now after the installation.

2> The same goes for the Config data as well, for example Transaction type etc, we need certain config for the system to work, correct? And my understanding was to load those config data also from CRM best practices, isn't the case?

Also, if the above assumptions are true, can I load this from


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<b>Ofcourse</b> you need to install Best Practices Configuration, or do your own config.

Simply installing CRM 4.0 from the distibutiond CD\DVD will get you a plain vanilla CRM system with no configuration and obviously no data. The Best Practices guide you trhough the process of configuring CRM, and even has automated some tasks. If you use some of the CATT processes of the Best Practices you can even populate data in your new system (BP data, or replace the input files with your own data)

In 12 years of SAP consulting, I have NEVER come across a situation whereby you simply install SAP from the distribution media, and can start using it without ANY configuration.

My advise is to work throught the base configuration modules first, either by importing the BP config/data or following the manual instruction to create the config/data yourself. Next, look at what your usage of CRM is going to be, for example Internet Sales, Service Management, et cetera, and then install the config for this/these modules.

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You need ti install BEst practices component.

You must be having two cd's

1.Best practices documentation cd

2.Best practices System Add-on

From the documentation Cd u can getb the procedure to instsall the add-on component.

later upload the roles.



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Looks like I have two options

1> Load the BP data from the CD


2> Read the manual instruction and do the config step by step manually.

Questions are

1> How time consuming is the step number 1. Is the instruction available over the web( or

a> In order to start with the "CRM sales", what are the instructions for the manual config and where to obtain the instruction file?

2> for step number 2 , looks like we don't have the CD, Can the files etc be downloaded from for installation

Answer point by point will be appreciated and rewarded.

CRM Info.

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Try this. Go to Click installation >> click on preconfigured scenarios on the right >> Interaction Center (WebClient): Inbound Telesales and download the documents if you are implementing webclient. But if you are implementing Winclient do I will be able to send you all the configuration documents necessary for Sales senario. ( Let me know... Vijay

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Hi Vijay,

Please note that we would like to install the CRM BP for the following scenario

1> Marketting and all sub scenarios under it

2> Sales and all under it

3> Service and all other under it

4> The Analytics as well

I have also seen that there are two files available for download and installation from service market place for SAP BP CRM V3.40.

1> DVD Docu :SAP BP for CRM - V3.40

2> CD Config: Best Practices All-in-One

Please let me know whether I can use and directly install all the scenarios using these files. In that case please let me know the procedure.

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You dont need to install anything else. The docuemnts you refer to are just best practices guide lines. You dont need to install anything else.

Just type CRM_menu when u login & and should see the complete menu.

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Thanks Anirudh,

For some reason I am not able to award points to you( the system not allowing me to do so) Hopefully I should be able to do so soon.

I however have a question, Can I download the files from if yes can you please let me know the navigation path etc?

Also Not sure what you mean by "Just type CRM_menu when u login & and should see the complete menu" . Can you please clarify