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How to impex export product image URL

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I would like to impex export the complete image URL value and not just the "/300Wx300H/100124_1.jpg" end of the relative path. I am currently using the following impex header to get the value

The goal is to be able to externally consume the URL link just like it can be seen in the shop :

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Product and Topic Expert
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As per

"In version 5.1.1, the persistence type for the URL attribute on the Media type has changed from property to dynamic. Therefore, avoid using URL attributes in queries."

If you're still interested in it then you could look at legacy prettyURLs (media.legacy.prettyURL=true). The generation of the context hash is done in LocalMediaWebURLStrategy and it's not stored in the DB (since it's dynamic), so your only other option I can think of is to create a different WebURLStrategy which uses a hash that you know based on data in the DB and then override the various renderers to get the correct secure/unsecure media URLs. You could then export the data you need, pass it through your hashing algorithm and you'll have the URLs.