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How to hide Actions Column in Table

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Hi All,

I have a simple requirement: I am showing a table (items)

- the "Actions" column (Column with Buttons to Edit and Delete a particualr row) must not be show -> no changes to the table are allowed (I need to hide/ disable this column)

How can I hide this column od the table?

I have found out that the field is called thtmlb_oca and that htere is a getter method get-thtmlb_oca. However, the method does not contain coding and I do not know how to HIDE this field/ column...

Please help me here..

Thanks, Johannes

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Johannes,

To remove the column completely,

you need to comment this line in the method GET_TABLE_LINE_SAMPLE of the Table View Context node class.

*  thtmlb_oca  type  crm_thtmlb_one_click_action.
  TYPES:  END OF line.

Disabling can be controlled in the method GET_OCA_T_TABLE of the same class by putting code to delete the button.

LOOP AT  rt_actions ASSIGNING <fs_actions>.
      <fs_actions>-active  = abap_false.


Masood Imrani S.

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Bro! You saved my life!

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Oh yes, this can be done through UI config tool as Steve mentioned.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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in CRM WebUI you can show or hide fields in Table View using:

1. Personalize (which only applies for you)

2. Configuration (applies for all user)

Personalize is by default active in each Table View above right.

Configuration can be enabled through "Personalize", this is another "Personalize" which can be found in the header besides the "Log Off".

Under "Personalize" go to "Personalize Settings" there is a checkbox "Enable configuration mode".

After enable this go back to your table view and you will see an Configuration icon in the header of each OVP.

The icon looks like a gear, depends on which stylesheet do you use.

Click on the Configuration Icon, then you can see each Assignment Block(View) are marked and you can choose the table view that you want configure.

This will open the Config Tool, where you can remove "Action" column from the table view.