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How to handle backoffice timezone issue?

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1) When a user is in IST and the server is at EST,if the user enters date from backoffice create wizard as e.g. March 1st 10 AM 2017, in db it is saved as Feb 28th 23:30 to handle these in backoffice?

2)When a user is in EST and the server is also in EST, if he enters date as March 24, 00:00 :00 AM EST 2017,in db it is saved March 24th 1:00:00 AM 2017 to handle this kind of daylight time situation?

3)In above situation , you will find list view timezone is EDT and editor Area timezone is EST.So the user dont know which value is stored in db?

Please help me in how to handle these kind of server-user timezone issues.Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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as mentioned in the other thread tou created on the topic in databse you always have timestamp stored. Timestamps are universal, they denote a moment in time, and are not related to TimzeZones at all. TimeZone is used for user's convenience. The user understands his time zone and therefore the editor by default uses the user's time zone.

See the Default Date Editor's documentation for examples of how to configure the editor to give choice of the time zone to the user.

The example configuration from the documentation:

 <editorArea:attribute qualifier="onlineDate">

should be enough to understand the concept.

Cheers, Wojtek

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