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How to delete catalogversion attribute from customized Type without Re-initialize the platform?

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Hi Experts,

I want to remove CatalogVersion attribute from my customized type without Re-Initialize the platform. What is the best practice to do it ? Following steps I performed,

1) I removed CatalogVersion attribute into *-items.xml but after that trigger Update from HAC. 2)n After that deleted this attribute (CatalogVersion ) inType from HMC 3) deleted catalogVersion column from database as well.

But still getting catalogVersion related error "cannot find attribute catalogVersion".

Please help.

Thanks , Prahlad

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Hello Prahlad,

Using updating System will not clean up all the referral data for this attribute in Database. And will not delete this column from db table. You will need to manually delete it. For example, in attributedescriptors table, stores the this deleted attribute mapping to which columnName. This data will not 'get cleaned'.

For the attributedescriptors data, you can follow the query below:

1 check the pk of CatalogVersion type

SELECT * FROM composedtypes where InternalCode='CatalogVersion';

2 run query to check the data for delete attribute:

SELECT * FROM attributedescriptors WHERE OwnerPkString='PK you get from previous query' AND QualifierInternal='your custom attribute';

Or if it is in your local development environment, you can just initialize the system so that no manual work needed.

Best Regards,