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how to define a key figure *the last 90 days* for visit in C4C

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Hi SAP experts,

If anyone has some summary regarding "how to setup key figures" in C4C? such as dates, and sum, average value, etc.



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How to setup key-figures in sap C4C :

Login to the system as an administrator

Navigate to the business analytics

click on design key figures

click on create new key figure

type a suitable name and description

select the right data source as : opportunity header and item

select calculated key figure type

click on NEXT

Add this formula : [ close date ] - [ today ]

click on Next screen

which derives the more values on the key figure

select calculate result as : moving Average

cumulate flag display the cumulative values of the field

in the exception aggregation

Aggregation as average

characteristics as opportunity id

conversion type as NONE

Click on Next

which will review the settings

and finish.


Navigate to the design report

click on add field to find the key-figure that we have created

in the key-figure select the key-figure that we have created

click ok

click on available fields

select the key-figure

which will show days to end date